Monday, December 26, 2011

Three Finished Goals

It’s been a while since I posted due to having Miss Leah. During that time, I have finished three more of my goals. We bought a house. Yay! I made two very basic scrapbooks, which I gave to my parents for Christmas. And, I organized the shoes by the front door.
I have a lot to say about the process of buying a house, and all of the drama that goes into finally owning a house, but that’s going to take more than one post, so those are to come later.
The scrapbooks were 6 X 6 pages, which I could not find paper for, so I had to cut 12 X 12 pages into four pieces. All of the pictures I had were 4 X 6, so I had to cut those down as well. It took forever, but I had fun, and I think they turned out nice.
I have two shoe hangers that I put in our coat closet, which is right next to the front door. I put the shoes that we have worn recently on the floor next to the door, and the shoes that we won’t be wearing until the summer in the shoe hangers. It looks so much better.

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